Saturday, 23 May 2020


The river of divine Grace flows around our feet, no matter where we are.
It is about being open and willing to take off our shoes and dip our toes into the fresh sparkling streaming water, to sense the presence of the Divine and listen to her voice. A voice, so soft, I can hear in the rippling of the water.

I don't know what your river looks like; maybe it is it full of rocks, fish or plants. We all have a variety of expectations.  Some sense the divine Grace in the middle of town, talking to friends over a coffee or a wine. While others need silence or birdsong, listening to waves rolling onto a beach or maybe when they are high in the mountains.

The river of Grace is always present to us if only we pause in our busy lives to explore it. Most of us need time out from the obligations and expectations of the world, making time for spiritual fulfilment. Personally, the river of Grace can flow better and is more accessible if I pay attention to my daily rhythm of prayer and meditation.  Taking the time to process and journal will help that too. 
After all these years, I know when I sense the river is running dry or the weeds are taking over, it is due to lack of me making time to stop and take stock.
Like healthy eating and exercise, spiritual well-being requires some self-discipline!

For me, the beach holds the secret of connection. When I have had a stressful day, nothing is more soothing than 'getting my feet wet'. Walking through the water, sand between my toes, and all my stress and concerns wash away.
When I am at the beach, with my feet in the sea, I can connect with what I call the Divine Spirit.
Big problems become manageable because I take the time to ponder and wonder.
Flowing in the river of Divine Grace is about finding our inner connection, and there is no need to travel far.
God is with us wherever we are. If only we paid attention.

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