Sunday, 28 June 2020

Creativity - Prayer

There are many books and blogs written on meditation. Essays and epistles on the benefit of meditation, on stilling the mind, being mindfully and at peace. A place where we catch a glimpse of the Divine.


There are many methods and theories, as well as practices. Meditation, prayer and focused attention are spiritual practices found in all faith traditions. Not every form of creativity leads instantaneously to a meditation practice. Initially, it takes a lot of time to be able to do things 'with your eyes closed'. Although your craft may not lead to meditation, it certainly can be a form of prayer.


Creativity, creating works of art, is also a spiritual practice. The hours I spend spinning wool is a mediation in itself. To remain focuses on the yarn, the rhythm of my feet as I treadle the wheel, the rhythmic movement of my hands, drafting the wool slivers into a good thread, takes concentration. When I was a beginner, spinning was not a contemplative practise at all. Hours and hours of spinning have taught me the muscle memory of spinning comfortably and consistently. My thoughts can freely wander; however, the movement of my hands and feet are a way of praying. The rhythm and flow create within me that inner stillness where I may glimpse the Creator.


People can lose themselves in their craft. I find that sewing is not conducive for contemplation; the speed of the machine requires my full concentration and attention. Or more to the point, the sharp pins will not allow for a moment of relaxation. 


Creativity is so much more though, than making things. It is about the flow of creative juices and finding meaning and purpose in the (W) Holy Other. Julia Cameron, in her book 'The Artist's Way', says that "Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. By using our creativity, we open ourselves to God". I like that! 


Gone are the times when we explored creative explorations, that some condescending voice was heard, 'she is just tinkering'. Exploring creativity, co-creators with the Divine is what we are called to be. 


Writing a blog has stimulated my creativity; words are tumbling down onto a page; they don't always convey what I wanted to say though. It is exciting because it makes me think, read and contemplate. 

I wonder what stimulates your creativity?

Whether you write, knit, paint or any other form of creativity, be mindful, pay attention to what is happening within you. Listen to the whisper of the Spirit as you create with the Creator.




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  1. I agree creativity is of God and all that we create is a gift to him and to others